Why we do it


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Creating a healthy, prosperous, liveable, sustainable South East Queensland

South East Queensland is one of Australia's most desirable and fastest growing regions

Maintaining healthy landscapes and waterways is not just important for wildlife and ecosystems. A healthy environment also supports a vibrant economy, strong livelihoods, great lifestyles and the happiness and well-being of the community.

Our natural resources, like our land, soil, water, animals and plants are essential assets underpinning our economy, our way of life and our well-being.

Healthy Land and Water actively works to encourage people to examine and adapt their behaviours for the benefit of the natural world and for the people and places we love.

Healthy Land and Water is the natural resource management group for South East Queensland. It is one of 12 Natural Resource Management groups across Queensland. While it is one of the smallest in area, it is the largest in population, industry, and tourism. Covering 22,900 km², SEQ’s 12 local government areas provide various lifestyle options, diverse economies, and healthy natural environments.

Why maintaining healthy landscapes, waterways and communities is important for South East Queensland:

  • Protecting and enhancing our wildlife and ecosystems
  • Supporting the lifestyles, happiness, and well-being of our community
  • Ensuring we remain a destination of choice for our visitors
  • Underpinning jobs, livelihoods, and a vibrant economy

We deliver innovative and science-based solutions to challenges affecting our landscapes, waterways and biodiversity.

As experts in research, monitoring, evaluation and project management, we deliver innovative and science-based solutions to challenges affecting our landscapes, waterways and biodiversity.

Healthy Land and Water acts as an enabler and facilitator of change, to provide solutions and connect others, and to drive and influence decisions, policy and actions.

The work done at Healthy Land and Water directly addresses threats to our natural assets through on-the-ground projects to protect and enhance the many strengths of the region and position it for ongoing success as a prosperous, liveable and sustainable region.


Vision, purpose and values

Our mission

We lead and connect through science and actions that will preserve and enhance our natural assets.

Our purpose

Safeguarding the future.

Our purpose is to provide solutions through valuable collaboration with stakeholders to protect and improve the natural assets of South East Queensland.

Strategic goals

  • Delivery of the South East Queensland Natural Resource Management Plan.
  • Innovative solutions to protect and restore our natural environment.
  • Attracting and retaining partnerships.
  • A connected, engaged and motivated community.
  • An inspiring business.

Our values

Our values of Innovation, Integrity, Care, Collaboration and Courage underpin our strengths and are reflected in how we do our work.

  • Integrity.
  • Care.
  • Innovation.
  • Collaboration.
  • Courage.

Reconciliation Action Plan

These are the accompanying words by Quandamooka woman, Belinda Close, for the artwork she has designed for our Healthy Land and Water Reconciliation Action Plan

Belinda Close, Quandamooka woman



Our story is to share, care and love our ancient, living, breathing culture and Country in this world.

Protect our sacred lands, salty seas, healing waters, wildlife and everything that grows within.

Nurture the waters, animals, plants and each other from the north, south, east and west.

Come together to share and understand the knowledge and respect of Mother Earth and our Ancestors that have passed on. Elders and Ancestors that are still with us today, sharing their ways on Country.

When you look into this story, you see Ancestor Spirits standing together, strong, in a circle, looking over us, sending their love, knowledge, strength and blessings.

We work together on Country, crossing waters to share knowledge, lending a helping hand during bushfires – which you can see burning in the bottom left of the story.

In the center, the belly of the story, begins new life, new beginnings, next generations. Fern life and plant life encourages new creek life and sprouts new creations.

The purples of our mountains, gullies and hills burst with wild rainforest – forests and bushlands that can never be replaced as they are as ancient as the Dreamtime.

Together, let’s maintain a clean, healthy, happy natural environment for all generations to come.